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drawing of Myanmar, federal budget, budget cuts, endless knot, music, particle physics tracks, and dots by Lauren Gohara
Do You Think You Can Tell #32
Graphite, colored pencil, archival pigmented ink on paper
14 x 11 in

At left are 2 bar charts of federal programs Americans are willing to cut in the order of most to least willing to cut (in orange) vs. the percentage those programs account for in the overall federal budget (in blue-green) -- foreign aid is at the top; social security is at the bottom.* To the right is a map of the location of Myanmar's main ethnic groups. Myanmar's Muslim Rohingya minority in Rakhine state, concentrated in the area in purple, have been subject to ethnic violence and government persecution in the predominantly Buddhist country. An endless knot in graphite lurks behind. Fragments of music are scattered through the space. Ghostly particle physics tracks swell and arc through the background.

* From top down:
Foreign aid
Gov't worker compensation
Insurance coverage under ACA
Food stamps
Aid to farmers
Unemployment benefits
Social security