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Intaglio print with chine colle, sine waves, news clippings, shrinking Arctic ice sheet, and seeds by Lauren Gohara
Aggregates #27
intaglio, chine collé, debossing, embossing on Somerset
15 x 20 in

Intaglio print with chine collé. Altogether, nine 4x3 inch plates were used to create this print. Only two plates contained etched images: of elm seeds rendered from life, and of sine waves. Chine collé was used to apply a sheet of reproduced news clippings of reports of deaths from political violence overlaid with Mizutama lace; and a map of the shrinking Arctic ice sheet (2012 in white) vs the area historically covered by ice (1979-2000 denoted by dotted red line), with anticipated newly open shipping lanes (green and dark red dashed lines). Blue lines indicate offshore national boundaries and 200-nautical mile limits. The impressions of five blank plates reinforce the debossed grid.